225391 essay

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225391 essay

Although it is expected that the solicitation of proxies will be primarily by mail, proxies may also be solicited personally or by telephone, telegraph or personal interview by regular employees 225391 essay the Corporation, at a nominal cost to the Corporation.

The costs thereof will be borne by the Corporation. Mair, Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Corporation, have been designated by the directors of the Corporation and have indicated their willingness to represent as proxy each shareholder who appoints them.

Such right may be exercised by inserting in the space provided for that 1 Table of Contents purpose on the Proxy the name of the person to be designated and deleting therefrom the names of the management designees, or by completing another proper form of proxy.

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In any case, the form of proxy should be dated and executed by the shareholder or an attorney authorized in writing, with proof of such authorization attached where an attorney executed the proxy form.

A form of proxy will not be valid for the Meeting or any adjournment thereof unless it is completed and delivered to Attention: Toronto time on the business day immediately prior to the day of the reconvening of the adjourned Meeting.

Late proxies may be accepted or rejected at any time prior to the commencement time of the Meeting by the Chairman of the Meeting in his discretion and the Chairman is under no obligation to accept or reject any particular late proxy.

225391 essay

Golden Star Resources Ltd. In addition, a proxy may be revoked by the shareholder personally attending at the Meeting, registering with the scrutineers and voting his Common Shares.

Common Shares held by brokers or their agents or nominees may in certain instances be voted for or against resolutions upon the instructions of the Beneficial Shareholder. Therefore, Beneficial Shareholders should ensure that instructions respecting the voting of their Common Shares are communicated to the appropriate person.

Often, the form of proxy supplied to a Beneficial Shareholder by its broker or the agent of the broker is identical to the form of proxy provided to registered shareholders.

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However, its purpose is limited to instructing the registered shareholder the broker or agent or nominee of the broker how to vote on behalf of the Beneficial Shareholder.

ADP typically applies a special sticker to the proxy forms, mails those forms to the Beneficial Shareholders and asks Beneficial Shareholders to return the proxy forms to ADP. ADP then tabulates the results of all instructions received and provides appropriate instructions respecting the voting of shares to be represented at the meeting.

Although a Beneficial Shareholder may not be recognized directly at the Meeting for the purposes of voting Common Shares registered in the name of his broker or an agent or nominee of the brokera Beneficial Shareholder may attend the Meeting as proxyholder for the registered shareholder and vote such Common Shares in that capacity.

All references to shareholders in this Management Information Circular and the accompanying Notice of Meeting and Proxy are to shareholders of record unless specifically stated otherwise. Where documents are stated to be available for review or inspection, such items will be shown upon request to registered shareholders who produce proof of their identity.

Each shareholder may instruct his proxy how to vote his Common Shares by completing the blanks on the Proxy. All Common Shares represented at the Meeting by properly executed proxies will be voted including the voting on any ballotand where a choice with respect to any matter to be acted upon has been specified in the Proxy, the Common Shares represented by the Proxy will be voted or withheld from voting in accordance with such specification.

225391 essay

The enclosed Proxy confers discretionary authority upon the management designees, or other persons named as proxy, with respect to amendments to or variations of matters identified in the Notice of Meeting and any other matters which may properly come before the Meeting.

As of the date hereof, the Corporation is not aware of any amendments to, variations of or other matters which may come before the Meeting. In the event that other matters come before the Meeting, then the management designees intend to vote in accordance with the judgment of the management of the Corporation.

Each Common Share outstanding on the record date carries the right to one vote. The Corporation will arrange for the preparation of a list of the holders of its Common Shares on such record date.

All information is taken from or based upon ownership filings made by such persons with the U. Unless otherwise noted, the Corporation believes that each person shown below has sole investment and voting power over the Common Shares owned.Sovereign states issue fixed and floating securities to fund their public debt.

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