Amest santim business plan

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Amest santim business plan

amest santim business plan

Introduction[ edit ] Business is both context and product specific. While one kind of business may work in one region or country, the same business may not prosper in another region. The type of product defining ones business also plays an important part in determining whether the business will succeed or not.

Thus, when starting a new business, there are many factors to consider, important decisions to be made, rules and procedures to be followed. In simple terms, there is no golden rule one can follow when starting a business.

However, this module addresses some new business requirements by identifying some business opportunities one can explore, it discusses how one can set up a business, develop a plan and some business strategies that one can adopt to help set up a FOSS-based business in the African context.

The module draws on experiences and practical issues discussed in some of the case studies in Module 2. Identifying Business Opportunities[ edit ] Most successful businesses start with a good idea.

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This idea may be your own or may be drawn from any one of a number of available resources, including the following: Business contacts and acquaintances. These are people you are known to either by virtue of your current professional activities or through informal interactions.

Business magazines and newspapers: During such events, there are exhibitors from all walks of life and one could chance upon a brilliant idea by simply interacting with them. Radio, television and the Internet. With the wealth of information at our finger tips through the various media at our disposal, it is now possible to tap ideas from across the globe without ever setting foot outside your country.

Reviewing a list of the goods imported into an area might provide clues on a wide variety of business opportunities in import replacement and supplier development. If products are not manufactured locally, find out why not.

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Watch for trends in population, consumer or corporate buying behavior, government legislation, and other trends related to your business sector. Existing inventions and innovations: Inquire at universities, trade schools and other research centers for opportunities to acquire technologies already developed.

Government departments, agencies and programs: Departments and agencies offer studies and reports on business trends and opportunities. Boards of Trade and Chambers of Commerce also compile a number of business and investment opportunities., a cloud based WiFi management and control system for Ethiopia

Internet and personal blogs where you can search and read about what businesses others are doing, considering or commenting on other FOSS businesses in your region.

Components of Business Management Skills[ edit ] The following resources have been identified as essential components for building an effective business.Gas Station Business Overview; A gas station which also called a petrol station, business plan internet cafe filling station, fueling statistical homework help station, or service station is a business facility which retails gasoline (petrol), business plan internet cafe diesel and lubricants for motor vehicles reviews of Ruby Slipper Cafe.

As shown in the figure above, Young () described a business plan as consisting of an executive summary, general company descripion, mission ststement, company goals and objectives, the legal form of ownership of your company, and describing the business opportunities which may exist for your company.

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I wanna start a small Internet cafe business and I am planning to have 4 computers and wifi service with the addition of 2 Ps3 gaming area do you find it to be profitable (Email me your business plan if possible cause I was unable to download it).

amest santim general business, home of pc-station, multipoint workstation and other it. addis ababa, ethiopia. amest santim is an ethiopian it company providing latest technology products and services. pc-station, multipoint workstation, itimer, programming etc.

We have created a small business plan for a WiFi providing business that you can download. Partnership We at Amest Santim are always ready and open to work with partners.

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