An analysis of punk profile

Extremely thorough, responsible, and dependable. Well-developed powers of concentration. Usually interested in supporting and promoting traditions and establishments.

An analysis of punk profile

An analysis of punk profile

Biography[ edit ] Hardy was born in NottinghamEngland, where he began martial arts training at the age of 5. Hardy's initial education was in Taekwondoand he later began competing at the age of 7. He started practising other martial arts as a teenager, which included KarateJujutsuJudo and eventually wushufor which he travelled to China to train with Shaolin monks for several months.

After that he decided to finish college and began Muay Thai and Boxing at the age of He then moved to Mixed martial arts a year later. His nickname, "The Outlaw", comes from the screen name he used online when he was looking for training partners after a disagreement with a coach which led to his former training partners being forbidden to work with him.

In the third round, Gono pushed Hardy to the canvas and while there, landed an illegal knee to the head of the downed fighter causing the fight to be stopped for a lengthy period and a point deduction for Gono. Hardy recovered and went on to win the split decision 29—28, 28—29, and 29— Hardy knocked out Rory Markham at 1: What do you have to say about that?

The grudge between these two men began with the Irish-American Davis fighting in the UK against local fighters and defeating them all in a dominating fashion.

Hardy stated that the UK was his home and he did not want Davis in it, building a fan base. It started to get personal when Hardy began openly insulting Davis calling him a fake Irishman and stating that Davis' website "looked like a St. Patrick's day gift shop blew up. The two continued to argue, but finally agreed to settle it in the cage.

Davis stormed out of the cage ignoring Hardy's attempts to make peace. Davis later told reporters that he wanted a rematch with Hardy in Ireland or Boston, as well as quoting how controversial he thought the decision was.

In being awarded the title shot, Hardy became the first English fighter in UFC history to receive one. Hardy stated in a post-fight interview with Sherdog. St-Pierre attempted an armbar, but not keeping his knees together allowed Hardy to escape.

Pierre also attempted a kimura in the first and fourth rounds, but failed to control Hardy's body with his legs, again allowing Hardy to escape. St-Pierre defended his title via unanimous decision [17] [18] and after the fight stated his surprise that Hardy refused to tap.

In the post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Hardy stated " I don't know the meaning of tap. During an exchange late in the first round, both Hardy and Condit threw left hooks at the same time: Hardy's punch staggered Condit, although Condit's punch dropped Hardy.

Going into the fight, both fighters expressed a desire to stand up and trade with one another, however Johnson contradicted what he had said before the fight, and mostly utilised his wrestling to grind out a unanimous decision victory for all three rounds.

The bout earned Fight of the Night honours. I love guys that war! A treatment for Wolff—Parkinson—White syndrome is ablation, cauterising of heart tissue to fix the electrical pathway issue, however Hardy has refused to have this treatment on the basis that the condition has never actually given him any problems.

An analysis of punk profile

Hardy continues to hold a non-fighting position within the UFC, although he has not officially retired from the sport. He has a passion for art, rarely spending a day without a sketch pad in his bag until the age of In recent years, he has also become an outspoken critic of trophy hunting on numerous occasions, even calling Matt Hughes "bad for the sport" due to his trophy-hunting in the States and abroad.In many ways, Questlove is the ideal Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominating Committee member.

He has a rich, personal appreciation of a broad spectrum of musical genres, knows musical history, has worked with a hundreds of the best artists of all time, and is in tune with (and been a part of) the last quarter century of music.

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