An examination of the work of the cartoonist michael leunig

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An examination of the work of the cartoonist michael leunig


He started out drawing whimsical teapots and ducks, then turned his focus to attacking those who want to defend civilisation against barbarity — Israel being the number one target — thus ensuring his place as darling of the ABC and the chattering classes.

He uses God et. It is not the first time that Leunig has broken the rules of decorum, of balance, and, indeed, of intelligence.

An examination of the work of the cartoonist michael leunig

Leunig has, indeed, has been a serial offender. Leunig, The Age, 12 March And on 25 MarchLeunig was again entirely unrepentant in The Age: His passionate opposition to Israeli repression of the Palestinian people has also made him a hate target of the local Zionist lobby.

Gawenda offered his own malevolent insinuations. Might we, can we, find a place in our heart for the humanity of Osama bin Laden and those others? On Christmas Day can we consider their suffering, their children and the possibility that they too have their goodness? It is a family day, and Osama is our relative.

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They were courteously apologising, they had been co-operative. Iraq lies mutilated, traumatised and chaotic. Western civilisation has once more created shit and derision in someone elses home.

Has something gone wrong or has it all gone as guaranteed in the primal darkness of the great, white Western mind: Strange how Leunig can find a place in his heart for the humanity of Osama Bin Laden, but not for the humanity of those who support Western civilization!

The next year, Bolt reported: It is bewildering and a significant cause of despair in the world: This is naked, bold, arrogant hypocrisy it seems.

I think that racism is a huge factor. Certain nations have always felt entitled by their strange sense of genetic superiority to treat other nations badly. They feel entitled to privileges but this is just infantile greed converted into foreign policy and ideology.

The Palestinians were being crushed yet again in the most cynical and brutal way — and as if this was not appalling enough, the government of Israel was also trying to tell the world that this chaotic mire of blood and rubble and burnt human flesh was a legitimate and necessary procedure in the making of civilisation and a better world.

It is more like mass industrial killing than combat. In the Western calculation, it means that we do the killing and they do the dying.

The children, the mothers, the elderly and the poor do the dying in particular: Ignoring the fact that Israel was defending itself against a genocidal enemy, he declared: But the latest target of his anger —lycra — initially had me puzzled.

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Our new Prime Minister wears lycra, and he represents all that Leunig hates — Judaeo-Christian values, love of country, a desire to serve the people and to defend Australia against terrorists.

In fact, an affirmation of civilisational norms!“Gratitude and Grief” is not only the name of the newly released album in which Katie Noonan and Elixir explore every nuance of Michael Leunig’s poetry, but, for fortunate Brisbane Festival audiences, is also the title of the creative collaboration’s special first-weekend show.

In January the cartoonist Michael Leunig was going about his more physical labour on his farm in north-east Victoria. As he climbed into an underground bushfire shelter the steel trapdoor crashed. A cartoonist talks to God. Michael Leunig is a cartoonist, writer, painter, philosopher and poet.

His commentary on political, cultural and emotional life spans more than forty years and has often explored the idea of an innocent and sacred personal world. His work appears regularly in the Age and. Leunigs work appears regularly in The Age in Melbourne and The Sydney Morning an examination of the work of the cartoonist michael leunig Herald This exhibition of Recent.

legendary cartoonist Michael Leunig published a virtually identical criticism of working mothers in the form of a devastating newspaper cartoon Official online shop of.

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An examination of the work of the cartoonist michael leunig

It s a rare australian who hasn t encountered the work of cartoonist michael leunig he been drawing for sydney morning herald and age decades love and fear happiness anxiety joy resentment we have many words love is born michael leunig michael leunig.

Leunig slams Jews – and Lycra!