Business plan competitions 2012 presidential election

Romney campaign[ edit ] The following Monday, July 16, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney spoke about the "you didn't build that" statement in a campaign stump speech. To say something like that, it's not just foolishness.

Business plan competitions 2012 presidential election

A ridiculous contention and one which we believe we have firmly refuted through highlighting the vast number of motivated, intelligent, committed individuals we are fortunate to have working or involved in sport.

Our list contains players, fighters and sailors; sponsors, administrators and broadcasters. Each in their own way proves every day that sport is neither for men, nor for women but for all of us.

Sport is lagging behind where it should be. It is our duty to the next generation to make sure that does not last. This is the start of our campaigning for that parity of esteem.

We are gathering a great group of people who will help make it happen.

business plan competitions 2012 presidential election

This list is borne of personal knowledge, instinct, and a significant number of nominations. It is not definitive, it is not ordered, it is one that could go on and which will return again in For now though here is the list.

Our 40th and final addition to the list for is You. Equality will never be delivered by way of an edict. It has to grow from people believing something to be right and doing something to achieve it.

If you are reading this as a player, as a coach, as an administrator, as a fan, as a politician, as a sponsor, you have a role to play in making sure that our daughters have an equal right to sport as our sons.

If you are reading this, you have an interest. Make sure now that you play a part in making equality real. During her early career she was the most senior women within sports production at RTE and was a strong influence over coverage at successive Olympic Games and in the stations coverage of domestic sport, especially via the Sunday Game.

Murphy will chair the Federation of Irish Sport annual conference and is a respected adviser across sports administration and the media. If there is a woman appointed to head the new merged entity of Sport Ireland inshe is a likely candidate.

Internationally the brand is committed to a range of sports and Tonge is an experienced marketeer who will ensure that the brand and the properties are working closely together. Edel McCarthy heads up sponsorship and digital marketing at Electric Ireland.

In she won silver as tandem rider with Catherine Walsh at the World Paracycling Championships as she transitioned from her first sport of rowing. In that she had been the first irish woman to win at the Henley Royal Regatta and rowed internationally for Ireland between and Rachel Wyse enters our list given the influence she will have on the perception of gaelic games and Irish sport in the UK and further afield over the next three years and perhaps beyond.

She is currently on the path to going one better at the Rio Paralympic Games in Barry came to sport through the Irish Wheelchair Association at the age of nine, initially through swimming before concentrating on field sports in Athletics where she has consistently improved towards the worlds best.

Beyond the ring she has been a consistent performer as a role model and an advocate for elite sport among disabled female athletes. Alongside others such as Anne Ebbs, Eimar Breathnach, Bethany Firth and many more she is providing inspiration and an example of what is possible for women through sport.

In terms of per capita value it is second only to the Netherlands. She will also be a key player in terms of how the industry fights back against the continued threat of a ban on alcohol sponsorship with sport. As these include the Irish National Rugby and Soccer teams, as well as the venue currently known as the O2, this will place her as being one of the key figures in Irish sport and entertainment.

Carey has been involved at a senior level within Three for the past seven years having previously worked at Eircom and as Head of Sales and Distribution with Digicel in the Caribbean. She heads a small team that are handing over to the local organising committee for Englandand focusing now on taking the tournament to Japan for the first time in Hoey is also a key player in the management of bidding for the World Cup where Ireland is a leading contender.

That is a major challenge but with the ILGU now firmly embedded within the broader golf community, Heraty has a fair shot at making it happen. Her experience in the research, analysis and planning of major sports tourism projects makes it likely she will play a key role in the development of new projects based around that area in the coming years.

DIT has always had a strong reputation for team sports but that is likely to climb dramatically as delivery begins on the new campus at Grangegorman in Dublin. Sport is very much at the heart of what is the largest single capital building project in the history of the state.

Her role will be to manage elite and participation programmes that will make the most of the new facilities. Irish performances in recent matches and tournaments suggest that qualification for a senior major tournament finals is not far away.

The potential for soccer to do so within a wider playing base is enormous and Ronan is a competent and passionate advocate of programmes developed in order to deliver on that potential. She returned to Ireland and took up a variety of roles at Pembroke Communications before taking up the Head of Sport role at Slattery in Advisers hold a key role in determining the ways in which major sponsors both initially engage and subsequently activate their relationships with sport and Scully heads a team that plays a key role in the sporting involvement of Guinness, Liberty Insurance, AIB, Electric Ireland and Adidas among others.

She heads up the largest single grouping of women team sports participants in the country with membership heading towards a target laid down three years ago ofregistered players. On the basis that if sport is not honest then it is pointless, her role at national and international level in the battle against performance enhancing drugs gives her a very influential platform.Figures published today by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) show that there has been a growth of % in overseas visitors to Ireland for January-August Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. The last couple of years have been especially traumatic for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. Besides the advent of the Arab Spring and the associated violence, there is also much evidence of anger and violence in the region driven by religiously motivated groups and individuals..

The purpose of this article is not to pass judgement on what is right, wrong or justifiable. Russia “meddled” in last year’s US presidential election as part of a decades-long effort to “undermine American democracy”, CIA director Mike Pompeo has said.

“I can’t talk about. Decisions, decisions 11/5/, by Daniel McGlynn.

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Most Influential Women in Irish Sport | Sport for Business September 14, By Anna Sempe 72 Comments The last couple of years have been especially traumatic for our brothers and sisters in the Middle East.
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