Case study las ferreterias de mexico s a de c v

All primary data are included in the supplemental table or in references cited. Abstract An estimated 2 million inhabitants are infected with Chagas disease in Mexico, with highest prevalence coinciding with highest demographic density in the southern half of the country.

Case study las ferreterias de mexico s a de c v

Sutton, PhD; Stephanie J. Ventura, MA Suggested citation for this article: Prev Chronic Dis ; Reproductive health concerns have been identified on both sides of the border, but comparable information about reproductive health is not available.

The objective of this study was to compare reproductive health indicators among populations in this region. Methods We used US Hispanic and Mexican birth certificate data to compare births inside the border region, elsewhere within the border states, and in the United States and Mexico overall.

We examined trends in total fertility and birth rates using birth data from through and intercensal population estimates. Results Among women in the border region, US women had more lifetime births than Mexican women in 2.

Birth rates in the group aged 15 to 19 years were high in both the US Late or no prenatal care was nearly twice as prevalent in the border regions as in the nonborder regions of border states.

Low birth weight and preterm and early-term birth were more prevalent in the US border than in the Mexican border region; US border rates were higher and Mexican rates were lower than their corresponding nonborder and national rates.

We found some variations within border states. Conclusion These findings constitute the first population-based information on the reproductive health of the entire Hispanic US—Mexico border population.

Evidence of disparities warrants exploration at state and local levels. Teen pregnancy and inadequate prenatal care are shared problems in US—Mexico border communities and suggest an area for binational cooperation. The border region includes the area km north 44 US counties and km south 80 Mexican municipios of the border 1 www.

The border population is approximately 15 million and is split almost equally between the United States and Mexico; in the United States, half of border residents are Hispanic 2.

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Nearlybirths occur in the region annually 3,4. Perhaps in part because of these similarities, US and Mexican border communities are closely tied culturally, socially, and economically 6. High rates of fertility and immigration on both sides of the border have led to population projections of 23 million by the year 7.

Epidemiologic data for the border region are limited but suggest various reproductive health problems 8— Tabulated data from the US border region for have been published 10but rates of reproductive health outcomes for the Mexican border region are not available.

Lack of these data has been a barrier to the creation of binational health objectives eg, Healthy Border However, birth certificate records for Mexico have become available 4. The Mexican birth certificate 13 does not include as much information as the US certificate 14but the two share many demographic and outcome variables.

Until recently, only birth estimates were available for Mexico Our study objective was to provide an overview of reproductive health patterns in the US and Mexican border areas using birth certificate data. A secondary objective was to lay methodologic groundwork for future comparisons of the border region with border states and national rates using birth certificate data.

Top of Page Methods This study describes fertility trends from through and then concentrates on registered births to residents of the United States and Mexico in Las reformas de transparencia en México, Parte II.

Another examines the institutional and logistical nuts-and-bolts of implementation, using Mexico as a case study, while the third report looks at models of enforcement in several countries: South Africa, Mexico, Scotland, India, .

-Fernando Gonzalez Chairman and CEO Las Ferreterias de Mexico, S.A. de C.V. THE COMPANY Las Ferreterias de Mexico, S.A.

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de C.V. (Ferreterias) was the second largest retailer of lumber, building material, and home improvement products and materials . Las Ferreterias de Mexico, S.A. de C.V.

Case study las ferreterias de mexico s a de c v

Perusahaan merupakan penjual nomor dua terbesar di Mexico untuk kayu, material bangunan dan produk perbaikan barang dan rumah.

We examined the land cover management and communal social capital impacts of Mexico’s federal conservation payments program, which is a key example for other countries committed to reducing deforestation, protecting watersheds, and conserving biodiversity. Reliable data for DIGITAL lives.

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