Francis of assissi

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Francis of assissi

Founder of the Franciscan Order, born at Assisi in Umbria, in InPietro Bernardone returned from a trip to France to find out his wife had given birth to a son. Francis of assissi from being excited or apologetic because he'd been gone, Pietro was furious because she'd had his new son baptized Giovanni after John the Baptist.

The last thing Pietro wanted in his son was a man of God -- he wanted a man of business, a cloth merchant like he was, and he especially wanted a son who would reflect his infatuation with France.

So he renamed his son Francesco -- which is the equivalent of calling him Frenchman. Francis enjoyed a very rich easy life growing up because of his father's wealth and the permissiveness of the times. From the beginning everyone -- and Francis of assissi mean everyone -- loved Francis.

He was constantly happy, charming, and a born leader.

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If he was picky, people excused him. If he was ill, people took care of him. If he was so much of a dreamer he did poorly in school, no one minded.

In many ways he was too easy to like for his own good. No one tried to control him or teach him. As he grew up, Francis became the leader of a crowd of young people who spent their nights in wild parties.

Thomas of Celano, his biographer who knew him well, said, "In other respects an exquisite youth, he attracted to himself a whole retinue of young people addicted to evil and accustomed to vice.

Francis fulfilled every hope of Pietro's -- even falling in love with France. He loved the songs of France, the romance of France, and especially the free adventurous troubadours of France who wandered through Europe.

And despite his dreaming, Francis was also good at business.

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But Francis wanted more. Francis wanted to be a noble, a knight. Battle was the best place to win the glory and prestige he longed for.


He got his first chance when Assisi declared war on their longtime enemy, the nearby town of Perugia. Most of the troops from Assisi were butchered in the fight. Only those wealthy enough to expect to be ransomed were taken prisoner.

At last Francis was among the nobility like he always wanted to be All accounts say that he never lost his happy manner in that horrible place. Finally, after a year in the dungeon, he was ransomed.

Strangely, the experience didn't seem to change him.

He gave himself to partying with as much joy and abandon as he had before the battle. The experience didn't change what he wanted from life either: Finally a call for knights for the Fourth Crusade gave him a chance for his dream.

But before he left Francis had to have a suit of armor and a horse -- no problem for the son of a wealthy father. And not just any suit of armor would do but one decorated with gold with a magnificent cloak.

Any relief we feel in hearing that Francis gave the cloak to a poor knight will be destroyed by the boasts that Francis left behind that he would return a prince.

Francis of assissi

But Francis never got farther than one day's ride from Assisi.Saint Francis of Assisi (c. – October 3 ) was an Italian religious leader and Catholic mystic who founded the Order of Friars Minor, more commonly known as the is known as the patron saint of animals, birds, and the environment.

Though baptized as Giovanni Bernardone he was commonly known as Francesco. UPCOMING EVENTS Thursday, October 20th: Home & School Meeting 12p in the RE Conference Room ANNOUNCEMENTS St.

Francis of Assisi Cub Scout Informational Meeting (K-5th) – Please join us at. Founder of the Franciscan Order, born at Assisi in Umbria, in In , Pietro Bernardone returned from a trip to France to find out his wife had given birth to a son.

Francis of assissi

Far from being excited or. Women also were fascinated by Francis's message, and when Francis received a rich young women of Assisi named Clare, the Second Order of Franciscans was founded, also known as Poor Clares.

Saint Francis of Assisi, O.F.M. Co-patron of Italy, founder of the Seraphic Order; The oldest surviving depiction of Saint Francis is a fresco near the entrance of the Benedictine abbey of Subiaco, painted between March and March He is depicted without the stigmata, but the image is a religious image and not a portrait.

Saint Francis of Assisi’s Story Francis of Assisi was a poor little man who astounded and inspired the Church by taking the gospel literally—not in a narrow fundamentalist sense, but by actually following all that Jesus said and did, joyfully, without limit, and without a sense of self-importance.

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