How i celebrated my grandmothers birthday

My daughter turned four last week.

How i celebrated my grandmothers birthday

Memories of Simon Binnion's Father Thanks for the photo's on the web site, and as time goes by, becoming more important because of the clearances that were made during the 70's, plus the people with these memories of Ladywood are sadly passing away.

Which draws me to write this as my father often talked about his own memories which are starting to fade in my own mind and felt it important to share what I was told, with others.

Alan Binnion was born at Ryland Road, Edgbaston, and when I was a child, would comment on his child memories. Bath time stood in his mind, and the fact that the communal baths were far too dirty to use, so they used the kitchen sink and tin bath.

He never enjoyed living there as far as I can work out, mentioning the lack of privacy and everyone 'living on top of one another'. His father was a bread delivery person using horse and cart working for the bakery at Broad Street, and from what I can gather, took the job as caretaker for the horses and ovens, so the family moved out of poverty to a live in accommodation above the bakery.

The bakery was known as 'Bowkits'. My dad would often mention the cockroaches crawling around upstairs, he would hear them scratching on the wooden floor as they moved at night, but he was never bothered by them and saw them as a toy. He would catch them and have races across the floor with them.

Often, when sitting in the tin bath, he would see them running across the floor. He had memories of Gas Street Basin too, his parents would tell him to stay away from the 'bargees' there, but would often go and play with the children on the boats. He would say how busy it used to be, coal boats stuck in his mind at the time.

The city smog would be a 'pea souper' he used to say, and last for days. There is a family story that his dad's delivery horse got lost one day because of the smog, and they found it back at the bakery.

The horse knew the routes, the customer stops too. The Second World War was vivid in his mind. I asked once about staying, he said his father George called a family meeting around the table and asked if his children wanted to go to the country or stay in the city.

They voted to stay, so his parents honoured their wishes and they stayed. Dad said he would see the headlines in the newspaper shops, and thought nothing would happen to them, as at the time, it was quiet and everyone went on doing their daily business.

The bombs eventually came, and he remembered being with his dad watching the night sky light up. He said it was just like a modern fireworks night, and they felt safe knowing the bombs would be dropping somewhere else.

One night, while watching with his dad, one of the bombs dropped stopped making a sound as it fell, and his dad threw him to the floor. There was a huge bang outside in Broad Street, which blew the front of the bakery out. The electric went, they were in darkness, and it was decided to evacuate.

His two sisters and mother were asleep, so they had to be woken up, and the 6 of them clambered out of the front door with water gushing in as the water main had fractured outside, he says he was knee deep in water and it was so dark they could hardly see what they were doing.A couple of weekends ago, my family got together to celebrate my grandmother’s 97th birthday.

I have to brag, but I think that she looks pretty damn good for being years-old. My grandmother, who is my favourite, celebrated her 85 th birthday last week. The whole family had planned to throw a huge party for her and it was meant to be a surprise.

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How i celebrated my grandmothers birthday

I have been concerned for quite some time about my 2 1/2 y.o. son. He ahs reached all of his physical milestones on time if not early. He does play with other kids when they are around, but it is not really imaginative play or play that requires cooperation with the others.

MashaKasha September 29, at am. As a former Christian (20 years, of them Evangelical, still have a few friends in the trade – and when I say “trade”, I mean the person is a pastor), I’d agree with your suspicion – that was my first thought too.

A FAMILY CELEBRATION A Family Celebration Tamica Ellis AIU Abstract A family celebration is a time for family to get together on any occasion, whether it is a birthday, wedding, graduation ceremony, holiday or a family gathering.

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