How to write a weekly schedule

A weekly report can also pertain to an individual or team of employees. Such reports are typically written by a team or project manager for review by his superiors. Weekly reports are standard practice in some companies and, in others, instituted only under certain circumstances -- for example, in cases where a project is behind schedule or over budget. Gather information on temporary or ongoing issues from team members.

How to write a weekly schedule

For about three hours my husband and I were running around like chickens with our heads cut off dusting everything in sight. For me, this was the last straw. Tired of playing catch-up with my cleaning, I decided to make a proper cleaning schedule.

No More Frantic Cleaning — Your house will be reasonably clean all the time if you stick to your cleaning schedule. Share Responsibilities — I usually end up doing all the cleaning in my house simply because I know what has been done and what needs to be done.

If I follow a schedule, I can relax once I have done everything on my checklist for the day. With a schedule, everything is mapped out for you to get started. The 7 Steps to a Cleaning Schedule 1. Determine the length of your schedule Before you begin to list out your tasks, you need to determine the length of your schedule.

Will it be a weekly, biweekly, or monthly schedule? I suggest making a 4-week schedule because that way you are able to include tasks that you do daily as well as monthly tasks, such as checking your smoke detectors to protect your home in case of a house fire.

how to write a weekly schedule

List your tasks Make a list of everything that you can possibly think of that needs cleaning. Use my document as a starting point. Your list will probably vary from mine since we all have different homes and different needs.

Determine frequency of tasks To determine the frequency that you need to do a certain task, think about what makes sense and what is reasonable for you. If you have a guest room that no one ever uses, perhaps you just need to dust it once a month. If you have 2 dogs that shed a lot, like I do, you probably need to vacuum more than the average household.

You may have some tasks that you only need to do once a year or a few times a year. For those tasks, assign them as fall or spring cleaning. Then spend a day in the fall and a day in the spring knocking out these tasks.

And if you want to have a couple days off each week, that is OK and probably good for your sanity. Do what makes the most sense to you. For example, I go to the grocery store on Tuesdays because that is when their truck comes so I know that everything has been restocked.

Assign people to tasks Assign tasks to the most qualified person. I cook, and my husband mows the lawn. Put it in writing You can document your schedule however you like.

You are welcome to modify my document for your own cleaning schedule. Stick to it Easier said than done, right?

This is definitely the most difficult step.My students collect, write about, and "publish" four interesting new vocabulary words from their reading assignments each week. Every other Friday, we host a "Vocabulary Workshop" where my students teach their new words to their classmates. Pamela Wilson is the author of Master Content Marketing: A Simple Strategy to Cure the Blank Page Blues and Attract a Profitable Audience.

Find more from Pamela at Big Brand System. These example schedule templates allow you to fill in necessary information like appointments, date, day, timings and other important and essential information. These templates can be downloaded, filled in and printed for free.

Select the one of your choice and keep it handy for your weekly appointments. When you make a weekly schedule for your laundry you are doing one of the most effective things to conquer your piles of laundry once and for all.

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A weekly chore chart is a very useful aide to ensure an organized house. Such a Chart Templates will allow you to classify the needed tasks to be completed each day of the week.

The rule of the thumb is to include one large and one small task every day- you should also .

Free Weekly Schedule Templates for Word - 18 templates