Mesaje de craciun in engleza business plan

White Wire is a boutique consultancy firm specialized in assisting healthcare organizations, SMEs and technology firms all over the EU with their data protection needs. If you are a cloud provider, whether or not based in the EU, it is very likely you are processing personal data on European soil or concerning EU-based persons which means the GDPR applies to you. There is even a specific term to indicate a provider that processes personal data on behalf of an organization: And yet the GDPR changes many things for processors compared to previous data protection legislation, for example with regards to liability, responsibility and several new obligations.

Mesaje de craciun in engleza business plan

For me a home or a car needs just to meet some decent criteria Not all realtors are the same, just do your research and find the one that works on your behalf Last year, after 9 years living in the A house our first house in Canada I realized that is impossible to find a different home based on my love requirements.

He convinced me that the kids will both leave soon, the home is almost paid and it is impossible to find another one with the same price but different requirements. Therefore I started the renovation process: Next project was a new bathroom…but I was looking to enjoy my amazing granite, and the time well spent with my boy, which just returned home after 7 years of not living with us!

This is when on a Sunday night we saw a nice house just being listed. Checked the price, and when we came back asked the guy that was placing the sign when I can see the house. Actually why would I need one; I stopped looking for any home a while ago!

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Since the next day at 5PM he had another two appointments, he agreed to show me the house. I came straight from work, met with my older son and went to see the house. The owner, an old mesaje de craciun in engleza business plan was at home. This is how I found out that the house was build by her and the husband and is my age.

They emigrated from Germany as kids and her husband was a carpenter! My love came from work; eat and I took him for a walk! I showed him the house and asked him to see the inside of it the next day. He looked at me and said: I was thinking he was joking…. I called the agent, placed a really low offer actually he felt offended, but since he offered to represent me —the mother was the one that listed the househe told me he will call the women the next day in the morning.

Remember, the house was on the market for 24 hours! The agent called me on a Tuesday morning and asked if I wanted good news on a Tuesday: I was shocked, but said: She did not ask for how much, but said: I started crying…what could I say…I have to say no, we were not in a position of buying a new one, we just put money on the renovation, and we did that home for us, not to sell it!

I told him that I do not have the bank approval and it is so complicated now for us to buy a new home. The Mansion Impossible game started! I have to put a deposit that was big. I took all the money my son saved for his apartment, transferred them in our account and took the deposit.

I needed approval, and there would be no bank in the world that will approve us for two houses. I had to put the A house on the market, I need an agent to sell my home! Read blogs, news about the trend in the real estate market, compared prices with houses like A.

For the next seven days, I was delivering everything my mortgage broker asked bank was not an option and spent nights until 2am in the morning reading about real estate. The time was ticking and on the Friday night at 8. I wish her luck with a new buyer!

She asked if giving you another 7 days extension will help you to finalized the papers. I was still in my car, bawling that I lost such a beautiful home built on my birthday! Banks win every time. All they care is to check if the house is worth the money, not if you are able to pay that amount!

Talking about the closing date, the woman was moving in a retirement home and therefore the date was really close.

I asked her to move the date to November The agent looked at me and asked: He asked, and the date was changed! In less than a week, home A was ready to go on the market, but did I have an agent? I have to say that the dynamic is totally different when you are coming from renting to owing and from owing to owing.

mesaje de craciun in engleza business plan

Some of my friends told me to sell on ComFree, some told me to take the agent I bought the house with he will give you the best commission, you gave him a lot of money for doing absolutely nothing! is a platform for academics to share research papers. January 12, - November 30, although it could be considerable less if everything goes according to plan.

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