Paper stars

More flag resources Cut a 5-Pointed Star in One Snip Legend has it that when the George Washington and his associates first approached Betsy Ross regarding the creation of an American flag, their design used 6-pointed stars. Betsy suggested five-pointed stars instead. When the committee protested that these would be too difficult to make, Betsy is said to have taken a piece of paper, folded it deftly, and with a single snip of her scissors, produced a symmetrical five-pointed star, so impressing her audience with this feat of seamstress magic that they readily agreed to her suggestion. To you we pass along the secret

Paper stars

Follow the instructions below to make this Origami Ninja Star Difficulty: Medium If you want to be a true ninja, you need to be able to make your own weapons because they're really expensive. That's why I made this tutorial to teach you how to make an origami ninja star so if you lose it, it's just paper and you can fold another one.

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The origami ninja star is fun and easy to fold. The weight, form and shape is even and balanced all around making it also fun to throw. However I have to warn you that the corners are sharp and can poke an eye out or cause injury.

This origami ninja star is no ordinary toy. You have been warned.

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Now fold it and have fun. Start with a square piece of origami paperbut if you only have regular 8.

Paper stars

Fold the paper in half, then unfold. I like to fold in half backwards and forwards repeatedly creasing really well, and then slowly tear it in half Step 4: Fold the halves in half again so it's thinner.

Fold both sheets down in half. All we need is the halfway crease. Fold the top half to the side as shown without passing the halfway crease. Go to Next page to continue with the origami ninja star instructions.Star Gift Tags, G2PLUS PCS Star Gift Tags with String, White Blank Gift Tag with Feet Natural Jute Twine (White).

Step 1: Start with a square piece of origami paper, but if you only have regular x11 paper, follow these instructions to make a square sheet.: Step 2: Fold the paper in half, then unfold.

Step 3: Cut in half. (I like to fold in half backwards and forwards repeatedly creasing really well, and then slowly tear it in half). I love love love the paper! The glitter doesn't come off and the paper is very sturdy; it holds the puffed star very well.

But because it is sturdy, it hurts my little fingers to puff it out after doing many stars. STARS (Student/Alumni Records System) provides WIU students, alumni and employees with online access to their university records.

May 04,  · Make 3d paper stars from stripes of paper! **Warning: Making paper stars is addictive** I've always wanted to know how to make these, but couldn't understand how until a friend of mine showed me, that's why I made a video (see step 5) to clearly and simply illustrate the process.

The first three steps are about how to obtain paper stripes, the fourth and the fifth are about how to make the stars. 3-D Stars - Free Instructions More free information and interesting items - Home Page May baskets - Free Instructions (We have been given some alternate Instructions and will put them here soon.).

Star Suggestions - Pictures, Ideas and Inspirations Other star and snowflake links at bottom of showing these instructions are at the bottom of this page.

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