Person centered case conceptualize paper

Clients who benefit most from this type of therapy are typically seeking it out and counselors in the field consider themselves to be equal in their relationship with the client. Person-Centered Therapy stresses the importance of empathy and can therefore be used for clients facing many different issues. The client in the case study is a year-old Caucasian female named Emily who presents with many symptoms of anxiety, social anxiety, and panic attacks. She is seeking therapy because she feels that her life is becoming restricted due to her anxiety.

Person centered case conceptualize paper

College freshman-local university student Client Profile: The client is a nineteen-year-old late adolescent, who is currently in her first year of her college and classified as a freshman.

She is a child of divorced parents at the age of 13, and reports that she rarely speaks to her father, and has a strong, bonded relationship with her mother. She has fair complexion and blonde hair, and has a thin build. She is quiet and shy among strangers, and reports that she is uncomfortable expressing her true feelings with others.

Person centered case conceptualize paper

She states that she often bottles up her emotions in order to keep peace in her relationships, but if she has a serious issue she consults with her mother for guidance. She works hard to do well in school, but has been referred for heavy sexual activity and trouble in her relationships. Client entered counseling because her mother was concerned about communication between her and her father, and requested individual counseling.

Her mother is also worried about the frequency that her daughter is out late and hangs around older college men, and suspects the possibility that her daughter is pregnant.

The client frequently discusses unhappiness within her personal relationships, and states that she often feels lonely and frustrated that she struggles socially at school. She reports being sexually involved with multiple partners outside of a monogamous relationship.

The client has recently been sick with nausea, fatigue, and headaches. She reports being worried of pregnancy as well as not knowing how to have a proper relationship with a male due to the strain of the relationship with her father.

She has also presented for counseling to establish healthy interpersonal relationships with others to make the social college experience healthy and consistent. Client has had no previous mental health history.

Person Centered Case Conceptualization Essay Sample

No significant medical history has been reported. The client is being referred to an obstetrician and gynecologist for a pregnancy test and annual check-up.

Areas Contributing to Counseling Success: Client and counselor have established a working, therapeutic relationship throughout the course of counseling.

This counselor works to help the client find positive self-worth as well as healthy boundaries for others, especially within potentially harmful situations. The client continues to work on her personal goals and still desires to repair her relationship with her father.

Additionally, the client has begun to work with this counselor on identifying her own emotions and taking with the counselor about difficult issues rather than avoiding them.

Areas Possibly Impeding Growth:Application: Person-Centered Therapy, Case Conceptualization, Psychology homework help | August 16, Application: Person-Centered Therapy—Case Conceptualization. This week, you will conceptualize a new case study, Joanne, through a person-centered approach. August 16, College essay writing service Question description Application: Person-Centered Therapy—Case Conceptualization.

As you learned in your readings this week, person-centered therapy is a unique school of thought that provides a positive frame for working with clients to make changes in their lives or address problems that arise. Client Case Studies & Counselor Approaches The concerns I have for Ernest are related to his HIV illness, possible sexual deviation and promiscuity, and his dissatisfaction with his job.

In order to conceptualize the case of Ernest, I would rely on the person centered and solution focused theories of . Read this essay on Person Centered Therapy. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

Person centered case conceptualize paper

Applying an Integrated Approach to a Case Example: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Person Centered Therapy Applying an Intergraded Approach to a Case Example: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Person Centered Therapy Theory plays an.

One Developing Case Conceptualizations and Treatment Plans T his book was designed to help you develop effective case conceptual - ization and treatment planning skills.

Person-Centered Case Study of Melissa: A Conceptualization and Treatment Plan Melissa is a year-old woman who was born with Cerebral-Palsy, although little physical evidence of the condition is .

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