The best car for a teenager

Deciding on the best car for a teenage driver depends on who is doing the deciding — the teens or their parents. Girls like cute cars that reflect their personality and are practical — usually smaller and fun to drive. They usually place less importance on performance and accessories than the guys. What Parents Want Parents want safe and dependable cars for their teens.

The best car for a teenager

Chevrolet By Benjamin Hunting There's an old joke that the best cars for teenagers are those that get terrible gas mileage so they can't afford to drive too far from homeare built like tanks for safety reasonsand seat just one person to keep distractions to a minimum.

In reality, there are plenty of thrifty vehicles out there that are good starter cars for teenagers and perfect for first-time car buyers - especially those who are lucky enough to be able to afford a brand new automobile instead of the family's older clunker.

Let's take a look at 10 of the best cars for teenagers and examine what exactly makes them a strong choice for the younger set.

Volkswagen 1 Volkswagen Golf The Volkswagen Golf is so popular amongst first-time drivers that in some parts of the country it's almost like a uniform. The Volkswagen Golf is an affordable compact hatchback that can be had in two-door and four-door editions, and despite its small size, it offers good practicality due to its 46 cubic feet of total cargo space - perfect for hauling hockey gear to the rink, for example.

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The Golf is also relatively easy on gas in base form, providing 37 mpg highway when ordered with its 1. Scion 2 Scion iA Completely new for the model year, the Scion iA is the brand's first sedan. It's actually a thinly-disguised Mazda Mazda2which was sold in the United States as a hatchback until last year, and previously occupied a spot on Autobytel's list of the best teen cars.

The Scion iA features a 1. Transmission choices are a six-speed manual and a six-speed automatic.

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The modest power also comes with a great tradeoff: Honda 3 Honda Fit The Honda Fit is subcompact hatchback answer to the question of how, exactly, to squeeze all of a teenager's possessions in the back of a vehicle on his or her way to college. The Honda Fit's Magic Seat feature makes it a snap to rearrange the passenger compartment and unleash the vehicle's The Fit is also one of the best cars for teenagers because it will also keep the fuel bill low during the journey thanks to the 32 combined mpg offered by its 1.

Ice and low temperatures don't have to be scary for new drivers when piloting the Subaru Impreza thanks to its standard all-wheel drive, which provides class-leading levels of grip.

Available in both sedan and wagon editions, the Impreza comes with a 2. The Mazda MX-5 Miata only offers two seats, which means that teens won't be carting around a huge number of friends or being asked to give someone a ride every five minutes.

Throw in 36 mpg on the highway and the fact that the top goes down, and this is one affordable roadster that provides a compelling argument as one of the best first cars for teenagers.

The base trim Civic is powered by a 2. This can be paired to a six-speed manual gearbox, which earns 40 mpg on the highway, or a continuously variable transmission, which boosts highway mileage to Ford 7 Ford Focus The Ford Focus features sophisticated styling in both its sedan and hatchback guises, helping it stand out amongst other compacts in the field.

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It also offers a 2. Based on the same general platform as the VW Golf, the Beetle offers the same base motor horsepower, 1. The latter also provides near-equivalent highway fuel mileage 33 mpg vs.

Found in either sedan or hatchback body styles, the Chevrolet Sonic provides subcompact shoppers with an inexpensive entry point into new vehicle ownership. The Sonic's attractive lines are backed up by available features such as Bluetooth connectivity, the OnStar telematics system, and imitation leather upholstery, and it features 10 standard airbags.

Standard on the Sonic is a 1. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles 10 Dodge Dart The Dodge Dart provides aggressive and athletic styling in a compact sedan package that appeals to younger buyers looking for a pleasing mix of look-at-me design and attractive pricing.

The Dodge Caliber seats up to five passengers, can haul 13 cubic feet of cargo, and offers plenty of standard features. The base model Dart is motivated by a horsepower, 2.Expert Advice for Parents About Teen Driving From Driver's Ed to Practical Rules for Safety.

Parents choosing a car for their teen driver have a tough decision to make, primarily because it involves striking a balance between cost and safety. The temptation—and often the necessity—is.

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The best car for a teenager

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But because the car will be transporting their children, parents want to pick the best and safest car the budget allows. (See our list of the best used cars for teens.).

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