Under the lions paw

Follow it far enough, it may lead past a bend int he rive where the water laughs eternally over its shallows.

Under the lions paw

Under the lions paw

Larry Hussman The title of Hamlin Garland's short story, "Under the lion's paw", immediately suggests a context of power, of strength, of control, of domination, of subjugation.

To what extent the first impression corresponds to reality remains to be seen. The setting is the Midwest prairie, probably Iowa given a reference to Cedar County, although that is irrelevant.

What is relevant is the author's familiarity with the environment he depicts. Hamlin Garland was born in the Midwest and lived part of his life there.

Main-Travelled Roads, published inthe book from which this short story is taken, is considered his masterpiece of realism. It sketches the miseries and joys of the midwestern farm life he so well knew, as well as the frustrations of rural life.

When the story opens, winter is setting in, snow is falling, "wetting them [the ploughmen] to the skin" p. There are "desolate clouds" in the sky.

Under the lions paw

Even "the wild geese Could that "enemy" represent the hardships of winter that had just started to set in? Whatever it really represents, it certainly seems like a sign of the uneasy, hard, and toilsome times that once again lie ahead for these farmers.

The reader is immediately introduced to Stephen Council, a "cheery", "good-natured" and hard-working man, who represents the good Samaritan, always helping those in need or in distress.

And to Mrs Council, "a Their joviality and cheerfulness contrasts with the environment they live in and with the hardships they constantly face. The evening of that "last of autumn and first day of winter coming together", a "tall form of a man loomed up before him In this case, a misfortune.

The "tall form" was a man in desperate need of a place to stay the night with his "cold and hungry" family. Stephen Council's good Samaritanism immediately reveals itself, as will repeatedly happen throughout -- "Drive right in. We ain't got much, but such as it is" p.

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That's the kind of religion I got, an' it's about the only kind". He believes in and practices the religion of brotherly love, of helping others, of doing good to others, without expecting anything in return -- "Don't want any pay.

My religion ain't run on such business principles."Under the Lion's Paw": A Critical Writing. Teresa Moraes Vaz 8 Nov Universidade Aberta. Mestrado em Estudos Americanos.

Seminário de Literatura Americana. Dr. Larry Hussman.

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The title of Hamlin Garland's short story, "Under the lion's paw", immediately suggests a context of power, of strength, of control, of domination, of subjugation. "Under the Lion's Paw" is definitely a book I would recommend. The local color in the story really gave it a unique tone.

While reading it, the diction caused the reader to read it in the Midwestern twang it was written in. The story line was the popular "good v.s evil" and "strong v.s weak" which was very enjoyable. Under the Lion's Paw has 63 ratings and 1 review.

Under The Lion's Paw

Julie said: Read for American Lit classWe read this in our studies of Feminism but I thought it was j /5. Hamlin Garland’s early works, such as “Under the Lion’s Paw,” deal with the unromantic life of harried generations on the farms and in the towns of America’s prairie states.

Narr.2 Under their dripping harness the horses swung to and fro silently with that marvelous uncomplaining patience which marks the horse.

All day the wild geese, honking wildly, as they sprawled sidewise down the wind, seemed to be fleeing from an enemy behind, and with neck outthrust and wings extended, sailed down the wind, soon lost .

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