Unifr ses master thesis

Research and Practice Internationally renowned professors and lecturers present the latest research results in their lectures, seminars and exercises, combining both theory and practice. Senior managers from successful companies regularly visit the Faculty to give lectures and share their experience with the students. Diversity of Languages In addition to degrees in French or German, the Faculty offers the option of a bilingual degree within its Bachelor programme and even a trilingual degree for some Master. This represents a unique opportunity to develop language skills while studying.

Unifr ses master thesis

Nonprofit Management; European and Global Business. Optional classes provided by the Faculty or other faculties allow students to define more inter-disciplinary lessons in the fields of economics, information management, media and communication sciences, social sciences and law.

The Master thesis consists of personal research that allows the student to unifr ses master thesis their course through applying the skills acquired and developing a special expertise in a chosen field. Fribourg profile The modular structure of the study programme lets students personalise their course of study and demonstrate the skills they have acquired.

With options in management of non-profit organisations and European and Global Business, Fribourg offers two unique areas of specialisation. In addition, the BeNeFri agreement allows students to select other courses from the course offer of the Universities of Berne or Neuchatel.

With its intercultural students and its multilingual course offer in French, German and Englishthis Master programme in management at the University of Fribourg is unique in Switzerland.

Learning outcomes and career openings The Master of Arts in Management is designed to lead to a career as a manager or specialist in a company, non-profit organisation or the public administration.

Graduates will be ready to face the challenges of large multinational companies or small and medium enterprises in operational, marketing, auditor, or consultant or junior consultant positions. Our graduates take up a variety of positions after their studies, for example: Marketing manager in a consumer goods or industrial goods company; Consultant in a consulting firm or in-house consulting departement; Human resources project manager in a large firm or SME; Tax advisor or auditor; Controller in the private or public sector; Analyst in a financial institution.

Holders of a Bachelor's degree awarded from a Swiss university can be admitted to a Master's degree programme within the corresponding discipline requires the acquisition of minimum 60 ECTS credits at Bachelor level in the corresponding discipline without any additional requirements.

The same applies to holders of a Bachelor's degree awarded by a foreign university, provided that the Bachelor's degree is recognised and considered equivalent by the University of Fribourg. Holders of a Bachelor's degree awarded from a Swiss university or holders of a Bachelor's degree awarded by a foreign university, provided that the Bachelor's degree is recognised and considered equivalent by the University of Fribourg, can be admitted to a Master's degree programme within another discipline with prerequisites must be successfully completed before starting the Master's degree programme or additional requirements can be completed during the Master's degree programme.

According to existing agreements, holders of a Bachelor's degree awarded from a Swiss university of applied sciences can also be admitted with prerequisites or additional requirements. The respective conditions of admission for each Master's degree programme are reserved.

Holders of a Bachelor's degree in management awarded from a Swiss university of applied sciences can be admitted with a complementary programme of 60 ECTS credits.

This complementary programme must be passed in the first year and starts in the autumn semester. Commencement of studies Commencement of studies in the Autumn Semester September or in the Spring Semester February Special features for admission Candidates who have completed their Bachelor studies outside of the EU or the EFTA and who wish to apply to this study programme must add a copy of the GMAT examination results to their application for admission https: The exam must have been taken before applying online to the University of Fribourg.

Access to further studies.Règlement Regulations du 18 février from February 18th sur l’octroi des Master of Arts à la Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales de l’Université de Fribourg 27 ECTS credits are granted for the Master thesis.

unifr ses master thesis

3 additional ECTS credits may be. University of Fribourg. The University of Fribourg is a place where learning, research, employment and events all happen at the same time. Its innovative force makes it an important mover in the commercial and cultural life of the region.

Guidelines for Seminar, Bachelor and Master Theses Chair of Prof. Dr. Andreas Meier, Information Systems Research Group, University of Fribourg, Department of Informatics, Bd.

de Pérolles 90, Fribourg e-mail: [email protected] This document provides guidelines how to write a scientific work at the chair of Prof.

Dr. Bachelor_thesis Nevena urbanagricultureinitiative.com May Master: Prof. Dr. Andreas Meier. Dr. Luis Terán.

unifr ses master thesis

Download Thesis. ANALYSIS OF RECOMMENDER SYSTEMS IN SWISS E-SHOPS: ANALYSIS OF THE TWO LARGEST SWISS E-SHOPS FOR ELECTRONICS Elaboration d'une stratégie et d'un plan marketing pour la BSU afin de lutter contre ses concurents: Gaëtan. Guidelines for Doctoral Studies.

at the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences. Av. de Pérolles 90, Fribourg, tel. +41 26 , e-mail: [email protected], who is responsible for retransmitting the documents to the responsible persons (Dean, Exam and Admission Delegates) and / or.

Students learn these methods in lessons, group projects, case studies, exercises and presentations, and finish their Bachelor by writing a scientific Bachelor thesis.

Professional skills The wide range of courses allows students to acquire a solid knowledge, combined .

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