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Verso paper

I have been researching Van Gelder Zonen paper as part of a project associated with an early Ansel Adams photographic portfolio. The paper has begun to discolor in interesting ways and I am trying to find out more information about the maker and also about the processes in making the paper.

I have attached to this email 2 watermarks on the paper. I was unable to get to an area for posting the question as my email is not directly linked to my computer. The button on the website does not provide an actual email name in order to copy and paste into my email.

I am interested in learning more about Van Gelder Zonen paper that was used in a portfolio by the famous American photographer, Ansel Adams titled "Parmelian Prints of the High Sierras.

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Currently the paper was discolored in areas in contact with the silver photographic print and I am trying to understand why this particular paper is so susceptible to discoloration.

Also, any sources about Van Gelder Zonen would be appreciated. Currently there is only one book that seems to address, in depth, Van Gelder Zonen and it is written in Dutch.

Unfortunately, I don't read Dutch. The two watermarks embedded in the paper are attached, taken in transmitted light.

Before I give answer to the questions at the very bottom of this e-mail, first some history about myself. I am a member of the IPH.

One of the things I took care of was the syllabus of this symposium. I left Van Gelder Papier in and started my own company, printing heat transfer paper. They were meant to produce an imitation of the hand made paper, for which the Apeldoorn mill had a world wide reputation by that time.

Verso paper

The two watermarks which are shown in the Email of Mrs. From the begin of the 20th century on, these were the only Van Gelder machines for paper with watermarks. And that's why I can give pretty accurate info to the questions.

Please find attached a scan of the relevant pages. Scan 1 shows you the cover of the sample book printed on Zaans Bord of the Schoolmeester in Westzaan. Finally the answer to the questions: The two watermarks are from the quality Oxhead, production code Councilors will take up a resolution that would authorize city staff to seek a $1 million forgivable loan from the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development to help the Verso.

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