Writing about transferable skills in resumes

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Writing about transferable skills in resumes

Do you have a friendly and positive personality? Are you a skilled communicator — able to speak clearly, authoritatively, calmly, and persuasively? How well do you handle conflict and anger? Have you been rewarded for your past performance? Are you tasked with training new recruits?

writing about transferable skills in resumes

Are you frequently complimented by customers for your service? Reviewing these questions and including your responses in your resume will indicate that you are a competent employee. Even low level employees may be asked to complete tasks that display management skills.

Transferable Skills For Your Resume

Training other employees is a good example it shows competence and the ability to manage other people. An ideal customer service manager is one who can conceive new methods to: Increase efficiency decrease customer wait time, increase issue resolution rate, resolve problems faster Increase customer satisfaction ratings Increase sales via upselling, discounting, pitching Reduce costs training, labor, equipment, software, etc.

The ability to execute a new project idea, measure the effects, and fine tune is what separates a manager from the rest.

How Should I Proceed? Click the following link to find out what other skills for your resume you can use to describe your abilities.

writing about transferable skills in resumes

How much can you expect to earn in this industry? With numbers, you can give the hiring manager a clearer idea of your achievements — which is what all resumes should aim to do.

How can you quantify your own resume? As you can see, Andrew quantified how many staff members he trained, how many calls he handled daily, how much he decreased cancellations by, and the customer satisfaction rating he achieved. This helps the hiring manager grasp his skills, and the scope of his abilities more quickly.

Think about your own work experience, and where you can quantify it. How many customers did you deal with daily? Did you receive customer commendations, or achieve a high customer care rating? If you doing sales, how much did you earn per day? Were your earnings higher than company average — and by how much?

Did you train any employees — how many? If you trained other employees, it indicates that you have management ability, and a lot of experience. Here are a few action verbs commonly associated with customer care:A reader writes: I was wondering what your thoughts are in general on having a skills section on resumes.

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I’ve seen pretty ambiguous skills sometimes, but I only list concrete technical skills, e.g. video editing with Adobe Premiere, NOT things like “engages with industry influencers.”.

May 06,  · Transferable Skills - the definition of transferable skills are key skills that you can take with you from one job to another.

Examples: She loves writing about resumes and eating tacos more than life itself. She spends her free time reading complicated novels and binge watching TV series/5().

Why are transferable skills important? If you do not possess a great deal of experience in the field of work you are pursuing, you will need to attract the prospective employer's attention by emphasizing the skills that you DO have which relate to the position you are interested in.

Transferable skills on your resume help to sell you to prospective employers but this doesn’t mean you should include all of them on every resume you send. It’s important to identify the transferable skills which the employer is looking for and then to clearly demonstrate them on your resume. Isaiah is a Ph.D.

in Anatomy & Cell Biology and internationally recognized Fortune consultant. He is an expert in the biotechnology industry and specializes in helping people . Make sure you convey these transferable skills in your career transition resume and cover letter.

Other non-tangible traits you must possess to be an incredible teacher, include: creativity, enthusiasm, motivation, cooperation, compassion, patience, and a goal-driven nature.

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