Writing an advocacy letter sample

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Writing an advocacy letter sample

The inaugural Rheumatoid Awareness Day will be held February 2, - a carefully chosen date. Although the disease affects about 2 million Americans, creates significant morbidity and mortality, and has no known cure, there has writing an advocacy letter sample before been a day set aside to promote education and awareness.

writing an advocacy letter sample

The establishment of Rheumatoid Awareness Day is significant for a number of reasons: This event highlights the increasing role that patients play in their own healthcare and how patient communities can give themselves a voice to bring about positive change.

You can find additional information and resources in the attached press release. As part of your constituency that votes for you and supports you, I understand many of the hard issues you deal with on a daily basis, and I thank you for your representation.

Sample Advocacy Letter (Overview)

This disease has no cure. Sadly, it is misnamed referred to as rheumatoid arthritis and people are not aware of how disabling this disease is.

At the age of 25 I gave birth to my first and only child. She was healthy and is now a nurse. The reason she chose to go into the medical field is due to what she was exposed to while growing up. I ended up being a single mom and she was always by my side. Two months after giving birth to my daughter I started experiencing disabling pain in my eye.

After visiting several doctors without any relief, a friend suggested I go to a teaching hospital. I waited several months for the appointment. I was unable to drive due to the pain, I was unable to see with lights on, and I was photophobic.

The day finally came; I was going to a specialist who might help. He diagnosed me with Rheumatoid Arthritis and started treatment with prednisone.

Sample Advocacy Letter (outline format)

This Rheumatoid Arthritis attacked my heart and calcified it, I ended up at another fine institution for a 10 hour surgery where they chipped my egg shell calcification away from my heart. It is called a Pericardiectomy: I now have a dual chamber pacemaker due to Sick Sinus Node Syndrome which was due to the damaging effects of the calcification around my heart.

I lost eyesight in my left eye due to the inflammation and demyelization of my optic nerve. My wrist is fused; I have 6 screws in my right ankle to fuse the foot joint.

My feet no longer carry me far, maybe a yards in a day. I suffer chronic infections almost all year long. It attacks mostly women in their childbearing years. For me it was after my first child. This disease took an active 25 year old executive, working for a National Cosmetic Company and within 5 years I had to find another job that was less taxing on my body.

Within 15 years I became wheelchair dependent, mostly fighting pain, fevers and infections due to side effects of the medications I take for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I cannot live the life I want; I am extremely limited to most activities. I will be fighting this disease with my Primary Care Physician and my 8 Specialists and counting.The following examples are actual advocacy letters which may be used as a template or a starting point for your own advocacy efforts.

EXAMPLE ADVOCACY LETTER #2 - by a volunteer. Good morning, This letter I’m writing you today is very personal to me and many in your constituency, please read the press release I’m including below. Sample Advocacy Letters.

Advocacy Letter Format Guide

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How to Write an Effective Advocacy or Action Letter. Search for: Search for: Community Action. COMMUNITY ACTION Niagara Region Contacts How to Write an Effective Advocacy or Action Letter Breastfeeding in Public Campaign Breastfeeding Challenge SAMPLE LETTER. Your name and address.

Date. Name Title. While advocacy may take many forms, should writing be required, the sample letter below (here in docx) may serve as a basic template and may be modified as needed.

Alternate sample letters are available here (outline format) and here (academic achievement, health/welfare).

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Sample Advocacy Letter (Overview) While advocacy may take many forms, should writing be required, the sample letter below (here in docx) may serve as a basic template and may be modified as needed.

Alternate sample . This sample letter letter below (here in docx) includes excerpts from a May 23, article authored by RAND Corporation scientist Wendy Troxel, Ph.D. Citations to studies and articles supporting Dr. Troxel’s assertions are presented in an outline format.

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